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Privacy Policy for Sineron POS Services
Sineron Co. (henceforth we, our and us refer to Sineron Co.) is an online restaurant point of sale program and
services (Sineron POS Services) provider. The Sineron POS programs are designed to facilitate the restaurants
(Sineron POS users) in their restaurant business operations. Sineron POS users can keep their business data in
Sineron POS program which is present on and affiliated to the website of Sineron Co. (Sineron website).
Sineron Co. also enables the potential customers of the restaurant (restaurant customers) to browse the webpage and
mobile application (webpage/App). It helps them to enjoy the restaurant services. In the course of such services,
Sineron Co. collects certain information from the restaurant customers and Sineron POS users (collectively the
In the following space, Sineron Co. discusses its privacy policy (the Privacy Policy) describing what information we
collect, and how we store and process such information, and other ancillary matters.
What information we collect:
Sineron POS users will keep following information with Sineron Co. relating to the restaurant employees, suppliers,
products, restaurant customers, invoices, receipts, product consumption, employee activity record, sales and
purchase records, and all information Sineron POS users need in the ordinary course of the business. Such
information is used for internal operation only.
Sineron POS users also collect information about the restaurant customers such as customer names, address, email,
telephone number, date of birth, the number of visits, the date of last visit, discount allowed, and total amount
spent for restaurant services. All information is not mandatorily required.
Sineron Co. maintains data for its use concerning the subscription date of Sineron POS user, subscription plan, POS
terminals in use, subscription period, and amount deposited. The restaurant customers provide to Sineron Co. first
and last name, encrypted password and a valid email ID.
The restaurant customers can also place an order or make reservation on the behalf of the other people through
Sineron Webpage/App. In such case, he will have to provide the personal information about the person for whom he
intends to make reservation or place the order. It is his primary responsibility of the user to ensure that he has
obtained the consent of such customer beforehand.
We generally collect some technical information from user's device or computer when he visits our website. Such
information includes IP address, referring website, internet surfing history and preferences and technical
information about browser through the cookies we sent.
The use of Cookies:
General technical information is collected by employing cookies. The cookies are text-only programs that are stored
on the hard drive of the users' machine or device so that website can recognize the user every time he visits it.
Types of Cookies
The cookies are classified into two types; session cookies and persistent cookies. The session cookies live until a
browsing session ends. They remember the user during the course of page to page navigation in a single browsing
session. A typical example of the session cookies is the items in the shopping basket of the website.
The persistent cookies, on the other hand, remain in the computer hard disk unless deleted or expired. Such cookies
recognize the user and his preferences when he returns, and treat him uniquely. Some cookies are designed by the
third parties for the purpose of their respective objectives. Sineron Co. owns no liability for their activities.
You are advised to visit their privacy policies before allowing them to function.
Sineron's use of Cookies
Sineron currently uses the cookies in the following manner:
Session cookies:
The session cookies help us verify user details and maintain security when the user surf Sineron website from one
page to the other enabling him to enters a new page without re-entering the information each time.
Persistent cookies:
They enable Sineron Co. recognize the returning user as a unique user to facilitate him by treating him in certain
way so that the user does not have to re-enter his details again and again as he moves between Sineron WebPages or
services. Such cookies also remember the user name and password if the user allows the browser to do so. It is
appropriate to mention here that the cookies carrying such important information are encrypted for security reasons.
The persistent cookies remember how the user has customized his use of Sineron website. They are employed to collect
and compile aggregated anonymous information for the research purposes to understand the user's preferences so that
Sineron Co. can improve the services accordingly.
Some cookies are created to give the user optimal use of website. For instance, Sineron Co. uses cookies to make the
user able to improve user experience while using Sineron website by identifying whether the browser supports a
particular feature.
Additionally, there are cookies that collect information for third parties such as Google Analytics. You are advised
to consult the concerned third party's official cookies policy.
Denying the access to the Cookies
Mostly the browsers are to accept the cookies by default. However, the user has the option to disable cookies by
changing the internet browser settings. It is also doable to configure the browser settings to accept the particular
cookies or to inform the user each time a new cookie knocks the computer hard drive making the user able to decide
whether to allow or deny the entry of incoming cookie. Since the cookies of Sineron Co. helps the user to enjoy the
key Sineron POS Services, we highly advise you to keep our cookies enabled to avoid the reduction of the
functionality of Sineron POS Services.
How Sineron Co. uses the information
Sineron Co. aims to provide the users excellent services to meet their needs. To this end, we use the collected
information for the following purposes:
a. To manage the accounts of Sineron POS user and the restaurant customers to allow the access to Sineron POS
program and Apps and website.
b. To publish the feedback and reviews of the restaurant customers.
c. To facilitate the restaurant customers to reserve the table, place an order and avail other offers and services.
d. To provide the user optimal internet experience.
e. To present the relevant content to the user.
f. To troubleshoot problems.
g. To provide you a secure web surfing.
h. To prevent the activities prohibited and contrary to the law or Terms and Conditions.
i. To regulate the Sineron POS Services effectively.
Information Sharing:
The part of the information of Sineron POS user is shared with the restaurant users including business location,
contact number, menu, deals, and other information needed to have the restaurant services. Similarly, we share the
information relating to the restaurant customers with Sineron POS user such as name, email, contact information and
other relevant data. Sineron Co. may share some of the information with our business partners, affiliated entities
and contractors for legitimate use.
Sineron Co. is bound by the relevant law for the time being in force to submit any kind of information to the legal
authorities and the courts if summoned to do so.
How the user access his information:
The users can access, update and amend their information at any time, and can also close the account by contacting
Sineron Staff. Once the user account is terminated, the users cannot access to their account. If any of the users
desires to return to Sineron POS Services, he will need to open a new account or re-subscribe to them, as the case
may be. Sineron Co. maintains its archives to record certain information relating to its past users for research and
record keeping purposes.
Security of the information:
Sineron Co. assures the users that we are committed to respect the privacy of the user information. We have
implemented all appropriate security measures in accordance with the industry standards currently observed in the
market. Furthermore, only authorized and limited number of Sineron Staff can access to the user's identifiable
information and business secrets on the need-to-know basis. We do employ encryption when the personal information is
being transmitted between the user and Sineron Co. and our affiliated entities. We have the system in place
preventing the unauthorized access to the user information.

Disqualified users:
We do not allow the minors using Sineron POS Services. If we have reason to believe that a particular user is minor
and has sent personal information to us, we will delete the information immediately.
Third Parties Links:
We may facilitate our users by providing them the relevant and helpful content belonging to the external sources.
Such sources are not subject to our Privacy Policy. The users are advised to read their respective policies before
they proceed.
Changes, amendments and modifications to the Privacy Policy:
Sineron reserves the right to change, modify or add to the Privacy Policy without notifying to the users. The
changed, modified and updated version of the Privacy Policy will immediately come into force when it is posted on
Sineron Website. You are advised to check the Privacy Policy from time to time.
Force Majeure:
Sineron Co. owns no responsibility for accidental and natural events beyond the reasonable control of Sineron Co.
causing the destruction and disclosure of the information the user provided to us.