Sineron is one of the best Point of sales (POS) software for restaurants. The restaurant management system is designed to be highly customizable, and is equipped with top of the line features that make restaurant management quite easy. This POS System for Restaurants allows users to view the menu directly through their phone and place orders. They won’t need a waiter’s assistance for this, since the restaurant management system directly dispatches the order to the POS system, making the whole ordering process extremely easy and user friendly.

Sineron is a highly innovative, state of the art POS system for restaurants that allows customers to review what they have had ordered and check the total price of the order as well. It’s very easy to use, and significantly increases efficiency in the restaurant. This restaurant POS software USA also allows you to add items to the bill prior to payment.

Simply put, Sineron is an excellent restaurant POS program that allows you to manage orders from customers and easily generate invoices. The program allows you to sort orders by the table and also makes it easy for customers to track their total billed amount before they request the invoice.

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POS features
  • Unique cell phone order system
  • Online and offline modes
  • Easy check-payment splitting
  • Menu-item splitting
  • Various order-printing locations
  • Gift card sales
  • Instant menu management (activate/deactivate menu items)
  • Employee time cards
  • Table order transfers
  • Table reservation management
  • And many more features
ADMIN features
  • Chain- and restaurant-level access
  • Interactive “QR Code based” table creation
  • Multi-language menu
  • Inventory management
  • Discount & Coupon policy management
  • Employee scheduling, time management and automated pay calculation
  • Table reservation management
  • Detailed finance and management reports
  • Importing of existing "Customer database"
  • Newsletter distribution via Email and Sineron inbox
  • And many more features
APP features
  • User-friendly application environment
  • No need to carry plastic loyalty cards
  • Discount and Coupon records
  • Receive restaurant advertising and promotional material

To download or register please visit this website via regular computer.

For more information about the system please visit this website via regular computer.

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